Pure green gravitational energy supplies agriculture factory with abundant artificial sunlight

Pure green gravitational energy can supply the brand-new factory of modern agriculture with abundant artificial sunlight more than required by photosynthesis for all Chinese and whole Earth's food plants together with various crops, such as the artificial sunlight blended of LED energy saving lamps emitting various wavelengths of lights. Such artificial sunlight shines 24 hours round, greatly extending the photosynthesis of plants and shortening maturity period of plants. More importantly, the agricultural production is fully capable of factory planting, no longer need to rely on the outside weather. As a unit of measurement of the gravitational energy extraction volume can be far better than only in the area of metering unit mining photo-voltaic energy, the artificial sunlight planting measured in unit volume is also far better than natural sunlight planting with acreage measurement unit, the growing costs and benefits are completely under planters' control.