Required by more and more investors to be investing our PGE (Proper Gravitational Energy) projects, we accept investment without the PGE technology transfer.

As for how to repay the investor, once signing PROJECT INVESTMENT INTENTION attached at
may negotiate in detail.

We welcome any investor to share our gain together, such as a 3-10yrs ROI (Return On Investment without annual interest). We continue the financing policy as before: Whether you invest USD or some other hard currency, including CNY (i.e. RMB), we all record instantly the equivalent RMB number. When you later retrieve your funds, you can choose either your original bill or any other bill to count our payment and always become a big winner.

For any contracted demands, please contact BOC (BANK OF CHINA) to issue the BOC-confirmed L/C (Irrevocable & Transferable) to be cashed when your contracted requirement is met while all your banking costs are also included in your investment. If you can do so, we have enough excellent projects to absorb your available funds as much as you like including huge funds.

If you are not only an investor but also the owner of the PGE project, please first combine the strength of a technical side in electricity as a whole to enter the project. Technical strength and financial strength are both essential elements in PGE project, either is indispensable.

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ROI= [(End of term property over a period after investment − Cost of Investment) / (Cost of Investment)] *100%