Important Business Mail to Powerful PGE Cooperators

Dear Powerful PGE Cooperators:

After signing the contract, we’ll let your engineer do the PGE UNIT yourself under our proposal in your office in China with high security (PGE: Proper Gravitational Energy). We have announced that we are implementing comprehensive preferential treatment for the first ten countries or regions adopting PGE to help them use powerful PGE power, now we have received more than ten interests from the world. Please feel free to suggest your intension in the attached PII

Sincerely yours,

Helen Wang
Secretary, MS&O Project Management Affairs Office
Project Construction Company Group
Worksite Tel & Message: 86-188-00365739, please write us your phone number and unit name first.
(Previous 86-13524549596 & 8621-65922987 are discarded)
Post: Shanghai P.O. Box 083-122
Post:(Shanghai 200083) P.O. Box 083-122