To ensure energy in Hong Kong fully self-produced

Grateful for the 15th anniversary of our website in Hong Kong
- to ensure energy in Hong Kong fully self-produced

We successfully developed a new green energy PGE [ Ref: PGE(3rd) Sustainable Energy for Mankind ] and are going to choose Hong Kong as the city for full use.

In order to ensure that Hong Kong is fully self-sufficient in energy, it is recommended that Hong Kong produces PGE products from small to large, so that Hong Kong will gradually become a city exporting energy and energy products.

As a small PGE product, the self-charging add-on piece that never charges the mobile phone in other way can be trial-produced [ Ref: ].

To get started, it is advisable to establish a contract to ensure that the Hong Kong experiment is successful and the amount, time and method of technology transfer paid to our contracting party after successful experiment.

Welcome any prosperous enterprises in Hong Kong to participate in the contract.

Our contracting party: Shanghai MS&O Project Management Affairs Office
Website: (the server is in Hong Kong)

* Once the PGE (Proper Gravitatinal Energy) technology is transferred to the Hong Kong side from our contracting party, the Hong Kong side will also obtain the "one-vote veto" same as our contracting party and have control over the technology.
* Security and confidentiality are the key and prerequisite for success. The transfer and application of PGE (Proper Gravitatinal Energy) technology can only be carried out after Hong Kong and our contracting parties have jointly agreed in writing and obtained the signatures of special representatives to approve the contract from the United Nations and the Central People's Congress of China .
* Anyparty who breaches the contract and unilaterally discloses PGE (Proper Gravitatinal Energy) technology to any institutions or individuals of any nature shall not only bear a fine of five times the transfer price cashing it within half a year, but also bear legal responsibility.

In view of the current epidemic situation, In order not to miss the opportunity, it is advised to go online now
for POI (Purchase Order Intention) or PII (Project Investment Intention), please see:
and fully negotiate to sign the contract in appropriate time.