Info: Visiting Prefab Construction & Manufacturer

Seminar: Prefab Construction

To Know:
What the Prefab Steel-framed Construction is;
How the steel frames are produced and installed;
How the prefab panels - wall, floor, roof - are produced and installed.

To Visit (varying seasonally):
Prefab Steel-framed Villas,
Prefab Steel-framed Apartment,
Prefab Steel-framed Workshop/Warehouse;
The typical Manufacturers;
The On-going Building Field.

To Master:
The procedure of ordering the Prefab Construction built in own site

$3000/person within Shanghai,
$5000/person both in and out of Shanghai
(Excluding costs of international travelling and domestic boarding out of discussion/visit hours)
This Fee can refund partially even totally after the visitor paying their ordered prefab constructions.